北鎌倉 東慶寺オリジナル紅茶
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Consisting of innumerable strokes, Mari Mochizuki’s works of art embody the visualization of nature’s unseen world in its aromas, sounds, and movement.

Flowers, birds, and beyond, the objects Mochizuki draws from are essential to her artworks’ subject and material.

These are painted onto paper, applied by natural mineral pigments (iwaenogu), soil, nikawa glue, Chinese ink, pencils and colored pencils, among others. This process of coating with multiple colors allows the art to create a poetic space.

The tranquility drifting through her works can be seen as influenced by her upbringing in the ancient Japanese capital, Kamakura – the City of Zen.


Mari Mochizuki was born in Kanagawa Pref. and raised in Kamakura, an old city with many temples and historic sites surrounded by mountains and the sea. These features cultivated the concept of “silence” in her mind. In addition, 12 years at a Catholic school in Kamakura led one girl who loves drawing into the world of Italian and Spanish paintings.

Attending BFA at Tokyo University of the Arts in 1987-1991, Mochizuki stayed in Rome(Artist-in-Residrnce) for 1 year in 1994-1995.

What is the “line” of a sketch? Its contour is hidden from the naked eye, yet it divines motifs from the surrounding space. At this boundary invisible poetry is captured as sunlight, wind, the sound of bees, bird songs, and even fragrances. Mari draws these lines by keeping her mind silent, by becoming selfless, and by catching motifs as they appear. For her, it would be delightful if you could feel something even from a single picture of an undecorated flower.








古代ローマ、イタリア ルネサンスの陰影の流れを古都鎌倉で再構成しながら、望月は”静寂”を描き続ける。

伸びやかな線描のイラストレーションは、絵本、挿絵、Hallmark社商品の原画制作、聖書の日めくり、北鎌倉 東慶寺のオリジナル紅茶のパッケージなど、幅広く展開されている。