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Painting ・絵画作品

Painting ・絵画作品



My botanical garden・庭シリーズ



庭図 画:望月麻里 / 柿渋紙、色鉛筆


夜桜 画:望月麻里 / 柿渋紙、色鉛筆、胡粉






鎌倉蝶 画:望月麻里 / 羊皮紙、鉛筆、色鉛筆



This is a small work of swallowtail butterflies gathering in my studio’s garden in Kamakura, an old capital city of samurai.

Kamakura symbolizes the medieval warrior culture, and here swallowtail butterflies can be seen in great numbers from spring to autumn.

Bordering the sea and surrounded by mountains, this city is ideal for butterflies; it is populated
by a vast array of trees.

Ones of a deeper black color are known as “Kamakura Butterflies”.

According to ancient traditions, people would sometimes relate those black butterflies
to the samurai’s self-dignity or to their transient lives.

This mystical name, “Kamakura Butterflies,” is precious to me.






すみれ絵(個人蔵) 画:望月麻里 / 雲肌麻紙、岩絵の具、膠、墨、胡粉


すみれ絵・ホスピタリティ(個人蔵)画:望月麻里 / 雲肌麻紙、岩絵の具、膠、墨、胡粉


収穫(個人蔵)画:望月麻里 / 雲肌麻紙、岩絵の具、膠、墨、胡粉 / Mari Mochizuki “Harvest”


桜桃・東北への憶い(個人蔵) / 雲肌麻紙、岩絵の具、膠、墨、胡粉 / Mari Mochizuki “Harvest”






空の短詩・つばめ(個人蔵)フレスコ画 模写 / 漆喰、顔料 / Fresco/ Affresco Mari Mochizuki






2011年 「美術の窓」11月号(話題の展覧会)掲載

2009年「美じょん新報」1/20号 第112号 掲載
展評 ・美術評論家 瀧 梯三氏